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La più ampia offerta di Generatori di Ozono per Aria e per Acqua
La più ampia offerta di Generatori di Ozono per Aria e per Acqua

OZONE GENERATOR 400mg for WATER CE Certification

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Original price €139,00
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CertificazioniMarcatura CE - Certificazione Materiali e Prodotti - ICMQ

Water-based ozone generator with a production of 400 mg/hour.

Cleans, disinfects, eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi,

What this little device can do for you:

WATER: Ozonize the water in 10/15 minutes for one liter of water.

Insert the tube with the ball into the water. Leave it on for about 10/15 min (1 litre) until you smell ozone.

Removes by eliminating fungi, viruses, bacteria, heavy metals, And you get pure water that you can drink


  • To drink, you and your pets. There are numbers of studies demonstrating the health benefits of ozonized water consumption,
  • Wash the meat. Put the meat in water, ozonize it for 20 minutes and see what happens... Ozone removes hormones and toxins.
  • Fruit and vegetable washing: Dip the fruit and vegetables in the sink or a basin and dip the tube for about 10 min.
  • Wash face, hair, or body with ozonized water. It is wonderful for the skin and scalp with the problems, especially in cases of dermatitis and psoriasis.
  • As mouthwash: removes bacterial plaque!

Ionized water can also be used to disinfect clothes.

Technical features

220v power

consumption 11watt

Ozone production :400 mg hour

Weight 0.6 kg