Ozone shop was born from the need to live our lives with greater hygiene and today we all have to be more attentive to the sterilization of the objects we use and the sanitization of the environments in which we live.

We at Ozonoshop sellPORTABLE OZONE GENERATORSto sanitize domestic or professional environments.

UV LIGHT LAMPS to sterilize bacteria, viruses and mites and BOX STERILIZATIONto sterilize masks, phones and other objects.


Eliminate viruses with air treatment and live in a healthy and clean environment.

Thanks to the sanitization with ozone you remove viruses, bacteria, moulds and insects.

Ozone is natural and safe. It is also effective: this is confirmed by scientific studies and the Ministry of Health.

With an ozone generator you can sanitize your environment in

full autonomy!

The ozone, transforming itself into nascent oxygen, with the humidity of the air, destroys all the organic impurities present in the air, such as bacilli, viruses, smoke molecules, bad smells, etc., by oxidizing them.

In July 1996, with Protocol No. 24482, the Ministry of Health recognized Ozone as a natural presidium for the sterilization of environments.


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